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Christmas Themed Printed Long Sleeved Sweatshirt

Christmas Themed Printed Long Sleeved Sweatshirt

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Ho, ho, ho! It's time to sprinkle some holiday hilarity into your wardrobe, and our Christmas Themed Printed Long Sleeved Sweatshirt is here to make it happen!

This sweatshirt isn't just clothing; it's your personal ticket to winter wonderland fashion, with all the coziness and charm you need for the season.

Cozy and festive, this sweatshirt is your passport to winter wonderland fashion.

Embrace the essence of Christmas with its delightful print, featuring classic motifs like snowflakes, reindeer, and ornaments. It's not just a sweatshirt; it's a festive celebration you can wear!


  • Festive Delight: Dive headfirst into the holiday spirit with a sweatshirt that's practically singing "Jingle Bells." The Christmas-themed print is a festive masterpiece.

  • Full Sleeve Warmth: Stay toasty with full-length sleeves, perfect for the chilly winter days and evenings.

  • Casual Elegance: The casual style makes it versatile for various occasions, from festive family gatherings to relaxed winter outings.

  • Printed Perfection: Adorned with classic Christmas motifs, this sweatshirt is a visual treat, instantly putting you in the holiday mood.

  • Comfy Cotton: Crafted from soft cotton, it's like a warm hug from a snowman – comfy and full of winter cheer.

  • Ideal for Winter: Designed to keep you warm throughout the winter season, ensuring you stay stylish in cooler temperatures.

  • Versatile Item: This isn't just a sweatshirt; it's a versatile item perfect for layering, making it a wardrobe staple.

  • Matching Christmas Spirit: It's not just a sweatshirt; it's an invitation to match with your loved ones, celebrating the holidays in style as a family.
    • Female Size Chart
    Size Length Bust Sleeve
    XS 60 92 57
    S 63 98 58
    M 66 104 60
    L 68 110 61
    XL 71 116 62
    2XL 73 122 63

    • Male Size Chart
    Size Length Chest Sleeve
    XS 63 98 58
    S 66 104 60
    M 68 110 61
    L 71 116 62
    XL 74 122 63
    2XL 76 127 64

    • Kids
    Size Length Bust Shoulder
    XS 36 58 24
    S 38 62 25
    M 40 66 27
    L 43 70 29
    XL 46 74 31
    2XL 49 78 33

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