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Pearly Surface 28" Tights

Pearly Surface 28" Tights

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The stretchy Pearly Surface 28" Tights is out of this world! A simple yet fashionable look for your everyday workout or run! The Pearly Surface provides a seamless look in all colors. The Sweat-Wicking, Breathable, Durability, and Four-Way Stretch allow you to perform at your optimum ability! These form-fitting, lightweight, and tight-waisted leggings are sure to not fall off your body and create the utmost comfort when you slip them on. You can pair these pearly tights with anything!

We recommend wearing light or thin underwear, or without underwear at all! No matter the choice, our maximum comfort will always be there.


  • Features: Breathable, Plus Size, Light-Weight, Active Stretch, Sweat-Wicking, Four-Way Stretch
  • Material: 80% Nylon/20% Spandex
  • Design: Simple, Outgoing, Slimming, Reflective
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